- served with baked goods

80g Home-made pâté 65 CZK
100g Assorted cheeses 65 CZK
50g "Tartare" made from sun-dried tomatoes 70 CZK
50g Roasted duck liver with mushrooms and onion 75 CZK



  Chicken soup with meat, vegetable and noodles 40 CZK
  Garlic soup with smoked meat, egg and roasted bread 40 CZK


150g Roasted sirloin in sour cream sauce with cranberries, whipped cream and dumplings

180 CZK

200g Chicken breast served with cream spinach and baked jacket potatoes 185 CZK
200g Pieces of turkey meat with grilled vegetable and mushrooms served with Italian rice 220 CZK
200g Pork tenderloin with duck liver served with onion, mushrooms and mashed potatoes 220 CZK
300g Mushroom risotto with pork tenderloin and fried onion rings 195 CZK
200g Fried small schnitzels from chicken breast and pork tenderloin with boiled potatoes 170 CZK
100g Fried cheese served with French fries, tartare sauce 135 CZK
150g Grilled salmon served with cream spinach risotto and Parmesan cheese 295 CZK



400g "Millers plate" - (chicken breast, pork tenderloin, bacon, grilled vegetable with mushrooms, garlic dip, baked jacket potatoes) 355 CZK


200g Chicken breast

120 CZK

200g Turkey breast 135 CZK
200g Pork tenderloin 140 CZK
200g Beef 320 CZK
150g Salmon fillet 240 CZK


  Pepper sauce 35 CZK
  Blue cheese sauce 35 CZK
  Mushroom sauce 35 CZK



250g Boiled potatoes with butter 40 CZK
250g Mashed potatoes with leek and onion 40 CZK
250g Potatoes purée with butter 40 CZK
250g Baked jacket potatoes 40 CZK
200g French fries 40 CZK
200g Grilled vegetable with mushrooms 45 CZK
200g Italian rice 40 CZK
150g Vegetable salad 45 CZK

SALADS - served with baked goods

250g Vegetable salad with grilled pork tenderloin and Parmesan cheese 160 CZK
250g Caesar salad with chicken meat and croutons 150 CZK
250g Mixed lettuce served with grilled Camembert cheese, cranberries dip 135 CZK


300g Spinach risotto with Parmesan cheese 145 CZK
300g Risotto with sun-dried tomatoes, zucchini and Parmesan cheese 165 CZK
250g Tagliatelle served with basil pesto and grilled vegetable and mushrooms 145 CZK
250g Gnocchi with cream spinach and cheese 135 CZK


100g Buttered turkey breast with potatoes purée 95 CZK
100g Fried chicken schnitzel with French fries 95 CZK
100g Buttered salmon served with boiled potatoes 150 CZK
50g Fried cheese served with French fries, tartare sauce 75 CZK




  Apple pie served with ice-cream and whipped cream (ready in 20 minutes) 95 CZK
  Daily dessert 60 CZK
  Pancakes with apples, raisins and cinnamon 70 CZK
  Hot raspberries with ice-cream and whipped cream 80 CZK
  Ice-cream sundae (two scoops of ice-cream, forest fruit, whipped cream) 75 CZK
  A scoop of ice-cream with whipped cream 35 CZK


100g "Tartare" beef tenderloin with fried bread (3 pcs) 230 CZK
320g Assorted cheeses with cranberries and baked goods 210 CZK
50g Roasted salted almonds 75 CZK
  Salted chips, salted peanuts 45 CZK
DessertSoupBeef tenderloin

Weight of the meat is in the raw weight. Half portion is 70% of the price.
All prices include VAT. For information about allergens contact us.